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28 October 2009 @ 08:25 pm
Wow...It's been a while. LOTS has happened between the last entry and now.
Patrick and I got back together...and we recently broke up. again. This time around it feels so right. It was this inevitable feeling that just left me with proper closure. We are still great friends and clearly see each other on a regular basis (since we live in the same house). Speaking of the house, it's full of many asians and boozing. We have had a good time for the most part. The three couples that have gone into the house has left us with one couple left. Kannica and Tatchi also broke up shortly after moving in. Some may blame it on the fact that couples moved in with one another, but honestly...in both relationships...it was time. I can only really speak for Pat and I but we gave it our best shot. We tried time and time again and we just didn't seem to truly click in ALL the right ways. But like I said, he is a great friend and I still really enjoy his company.

Onto other things. I've made a new friend. Her name is Lara. Yay for more lady friends!She's been really great about the break-up (yes, I actually was sad when I broke up with Patrick...I did date him for almost two years and love him very much...it was saddening) Last weekend was a great weekend. I met a lot of new people and was in a different atmosphere completely. I took a break from the house and stayed with Lara for like 4 days. I really needed it.

Just a quick catch up from where I left of (aside from Pat and I breaking up). Summer was fun. It was full of ups and downs for me. I met lots of good people and had a good time. Pat and I enjoyed the time we spend together (for the most part) and were both excited about moving into the house. That's really it now that I think about it. I still work at the Huntington, but now I help Naheem teach Codman 9th grade on Fridays. I also intern at Club Oberon (www.cluboberon.com) which is a lot of fun. That's really it.

I don't want to sound cocky or anything...because to be honest...I'm not very good at being conceited. I'm not saying I have more self esteem issues than the normal girl...but I just am not used to guys being actively interested in me. Enough of that...let's just say, things are good and I'm happy and have good friends (new and old). I'm just trying to keep busy and prepare for life after college...oh and turning 21. Which has taken way too fucking long to arrive. About one more month left. Gahhhh! I can't wait.
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