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18 May 2009 @ 11:08 pm
Life in the last 24 hours  
So I moved into Warren today but no computer :(

The move was irritating and long. I hate living in the dorms. Communal bathrooms...disgusting. But it's only for about 2 1/2 weeks. I think I can live. I'm happy I'm with a roommate. Now it's someone to talk to when I get home as well as someone to hang out with. I get lonely a lot.

Today Anna (my roommate) and I went to Mission Hill to some BBQ of this guy she likes. It was all these Wentworth and Mass Art kids there. It was alright...like a fatty I stood near the food table, drank beer and munched on guacamole. I talked to some people but mostly Anna. We both felt a bit awkward. Hey, at least we got free food out of the event.

Today's weather has been ridiculous. It's so COLD. then in two days it will be 93 degrees. crazy.

I also hung out with Ricky and Jason last night. The dinner with Andrea fell through (as per usual) so Jason and I went to the North End. Oh man, I wanna go back there and eat at those restuarants. It's SO nice. Pat, when you get back we are going...it's really nice and beautiful. Ricky and I made steak, mashed potatoes, and fresh corn on the cob for dinner then all three of us scarfed it down (it was Jason and my first meal of the day). Watched South Park and smoked hookah. just relaxed. Then went home to pack for 3 hours and then sleep horribly until today. I'm just anxious for my computer.

So I officially start work tomorrow. womp womp. But this week my schedule really isn't that bad. So I will be going to the gym and sleeping/hanging out.

Question for Patrick: I've been looking at other apartments (like I've mentioned in our previous on line conversation) no apartment I have found gives me as good a deal as living in the house with everyone. Will it jeopardize our relationship if I stay in the house? I will continue to look but the likelihood of me finding anything in a decent neighborhood and at a reasonable distance to campus is slim. I know you worry about next year and the housing situation. I know my words are only words, but since we will be in our own rooms and with our own space I don't think it will be like this year. I'm working on backing off. When you get around to reading this, let me know.

Oh and another little tidbit, I start therapy on Wednesday. I'm excited but terrified.
Gotta hit the hay. Work tomorrow.
I miss and love you Patrick.
Current Mood: tiredtired