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13 June 2009 @ 04:12 pm
our roads have diverged but we still merrily trail along  
What is there to say about last night? Holy hell. I had a lot of fun from what I can remember. God only knows about the rest.

Thanks for responding to my post. I know it was initially my idea but immediately as it was done there was no "undo your own stupidity" button and you became out of reach. It's not that I wanted to talk to you every day or night or whatever. I just wanted to be able to know that we are still friends through all of this. I wish you well. Have a safe trip back to the U.S. of A. Hopefully we will be able to talk when you get back. And know the offer still stands if you need a place to stay while in Boston before we all move into the apartment for the year. I won't make it awkward. Do what you will. :)Despite all of this, I still do miss you. Not in the longing lovers way, but in the man I miss Patrick because he's fun and nice to talk to way. Get excited for next year!! :)
Current Mood: sickhungover