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12 June 2009 @ 02:42 pm
I really hope this doesn't last the whole summer. I really hope he talks to me before we all move in. This blocking thing is really hard for me...and it's kind of mean. I know he doesn't want to talk to me and maybe blocking me is helping him, but my goodness, does he not realize that all of our shit is packed up together? does he not realize that we will have to communicate and be civil with one another for a whole year (or at least a semester)? I hope he doesn't look at me as a complete waste of his life the last year because it hasn't been like that for me. I've learned a lot about what i want in life, who i want in life and what kind of life i would like. Patrick you are a good person. You've made me smile. You've made me laugh. You've made me happy. I hope you can say the same for me. I know we've had more downs than ups, but those moments together (sexual or not) were heartwarming. We did a lot for each other. We brought the best out of each other. We helped each other. We know each other well.

Let's be friends please. I don't think it's fair that we loved each other, we were together for so long and you just erase that by blocking me. it saddens me a lot. I am moving on with the idea of us ever being together. It all still saddens me, but I think we should be able to talk to each other. Friends talk. I just want to be your friend.
patzelionpatzelion on June 13th, 2009 01:30 pm (UTC)
You must realize that it was your idea. You told me you were going to block me so I did the same and just a day later you reversed your sentiments. I will unblock you and such I don't mind. Plus tomorrow Ill be leaving and it'll be much easier to communicate once we are back in the same time zone. I have no problem with us being friends and would like that as well as us getting back onto better terms with one another. I hope your job is going well and that you enjoying your new living situation.