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21 May 2009 @ 06:43 pm
I'm TAN!  
Beached it. Worked it. Ate it.

The three main things I did today are that of the above. I went to Revere Beach for the first time. It's nothing special or fancy but its a beach. I went with Chris and Mike (The lovely couple) and we walked on the beach, tanned and played on the shore. Too bad my and Mike's camera were dead. I also sported a new bathing suit I bought from Urban. It's cute and red and reminds me of a 50s pin up girl bathing suit. I also got some tanning in. Yay for cancer! We plan on going to the beach at least once a week this summer.

Right after we headed straight to the gym. That was exhilirating and my regimen has officially begun. Jason, Mike and Chris joined me at the gym.

I just came back from eating dinner and I had a delicious salad. I think I've officially just became obsessed with salads again.

So the plan for tonight is to watch "So you think you can dance?" and then pass out. Tomorrow is another adventure and I will probably see Spring Awakening again tomorrow night with Mike, Chris and Tracy (if she doesn't bail again). I also have my final evaluation for Citi Center (my previous internship teaching).

I can't wait to get my first paycheck. I need money. And I need a second job. UGH.

Love you Pat McPatterson.
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