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16 May 2009 @ 03:41 am
I don't mean to offend....I'm sorry that I'm hurt.  
i hope it wasn't me that offended you. i love you and i just feel like second to whats important to you. sorry after all this shit that i'm needy. i need to feel like i didn't fuck up.

its just such a crappy feeling to know that I've been purposely hurt and then hated on because of it. please don't be offended. I love you. If i've ever loved anyone or anything it's been you. you have my fucking heart. if not my heart my whole everything else...which on top of my heart you DO have my everything else. please don't hate me and please bother call me when you can before you become completely unreachable for a month then fall off the face of my life for the month later.

I'm just bitter/hurt and scared...i love you and want to make sure you feel the same...I would do anything for you. I just can't help if I'm hurt because you hurt me. aside from that...I know this may sound like a crazy...but I'm excited to come back from this and more in love than ever. I want to be able to love you and not feel like you will go to Katie or someone else. I want to be able to feel secure in this relationship. I love you so much it's ridiculous. i just want to be able to hold you in my arms and kiss you all over and tell you/ show you how much love I have for you.

I only wish.

I just don't want to cry anymore...please help me with that. make sure that I don't pain because of stupid selfless choices/I know I cry a lot but try and love/help me. I can be a purely happy person and be fun...I'm not lame...I just invest a lot of myself in you. Like I've said...You have my heart.

I just want to love you the right way.
I hate falling asleep crying like I'm about to.