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13 August 2008 @ 02:43 pm
What would you do, if it all came back to you?  
I have one more week left. One more week in Florida. My last week here for a while. I may not be back until next year thanksgiving or something. Who knows?

I have a lot of time on my hands. With that time I have already packed two boxes and my carry on. I am about to start one luggage. Then leave the last luggage for the last couple days.

With that time I have also had plenty to spare on facebook. (kill me now) I don't prefer facebook but it's something to let time pass. I went through all my friends a deleted approximately 200 people. I don't like people who request to be my friend just to see my page. Request to be my friend because you want to be my friend. It all started with my intense dislike for one of Patrick's ex girlfriends who used to be my friend in high school. She requested to be my friend once she saw I was dating Patrick (this was a while back). Not once did she write on my wall or anything. It was just to see my shit. UH UH. That made me despise her even more. So fuck that shit. I'm deleting all the motherfuckers who pull that shit. I also hate it when heritage people from NOW (who are still there) request to be my friend just to see my shit. Not once did they speak to me while I was enrolled in the school or I don't really know who they are. I don't like that. At ALL.
Had to vent that.

Tonight I am hopefully seeing the movie screening to Hamlet 2. It has two people from Spring Awakening OBC and Steve Coogan. I am so excited for that movie.

Things have been on the upside lately. I really have been happy. My anxiety and worries are slowly subsiding. It's a good feeling.

I can't wait until Boston.
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